‘You Spoke Life to Me and Defended Me…’ Kambua’s Heartwarming Message to Hubby

January 31, 2020

The revered TV host and gospel singer Kambua was full of praise for her husband Pastor Jackson Mathu in a heartwarming post on Instagram yesterday.

This came as the couple hosted a thanksgiving celebration for the birth of their firstborn child, Nathaniel Muhoro. Having waited for over seven years to welcome their bundle of joy, Kambua lavished fitting praise on Pastor Mathu for standing by her side when she was cursed and insulted for being childless.

According to Kambua, not a day in their 7-year marriage did Mathu make her feel less of a woman for not bearing children.

“When God gave me you, He knew exactly what I needed. You have loved me, defended, and protected me. You spoke life to me even when curses & insults were piled on me.

“There’s not a day in our (nearly 8) years of marriage that you made me feel less of a woman for not bearing children. You constantly reminded me that I am your companion, and I am enough. But you also reminded me that God promised to fill our quiver, and I now watch in awe as He has begun to fulfill His promise.

“To many more years Baba Muhoro. Father of my beautiful child(ren)! To many more ?’ ‘she penned.

The coupled welcomed baby Muhoro in September last year.


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