Socialite Shaniqwa “Enjoying Every Bit of Fatherhood”

June 13, 2019

Comedian Kevin Mwangi, popularly known as Shaniqwa, is enjoying being a father.

The comedian and his partner Naomi Jemutai welcomed baby boy Khangi three month ago. And Shaniqwa says it has been an interesting experience thus far.

“Fatherhood is very interesting and I am enjoying every bit of it,” Shaniqwa told Word Is.

He noted that once someone becomes a parent, there are some things they must stop doing.

Nowadays things like spending out with friends are no longer a part of me. I find myself in the house most of the times just to be with my son,” said the actor.

Shaniqwa also indicated that raising a child baffles him sometimes when he doesn’t know what his son wants.

Last month, Shaniqwa endured what he termed the hardest 1 minute of his life when baby Khangi was getting his shots.

Here’s a clip



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