Unlike his perceived rival Diamond Platnumz, Bongo hitmaker Ali Kiba doesn’t walk around with a posse of heavily-built bodyguards.

He says this is because he does not like the idea of having a bodyguard. The ‘Mbio’ singer was responding to a journalist who wondered whether he feels safe without bodyguards.

“I don’t need bodyguards.  If there is anyone with the intent to kill me they will do so even if I have bodyguards; they might kill one, two bodyguards, before finishing me off,” said Kiba.

He added, “Not only do I not see the point of having a bodyguard but I also don’t like it. Also, my faith does not allow me to do such things though it’s protocol for prominent personalities.”

The humble musician noted that he is protected by God in the same way He protects bodyguards.

“I believe I’m protected by people but above all, I’m protected by God. Even the bodyguards are protected by God,” concluded Kiba.