PHOTOS – Meet The Man Who Broke Akothee’s Virginity

June 11, 2019

Akothee on Monday continued to serve as an inspiration to her over 1.2 million followers on Instagram as she shared little-known facets of her rags to riches story.

In what she calls the AkotheeChallenge, the musician went back in time, even revealing the man who broke her virginity and taught her how to kiss. The man is, of course, the father of her three daughters and her first love.

Akothee also shared a picture taken back in the day when they were still young in love.

“See my first love ??, the man who broke my virginity, the father of my 3 beautiful daughters. The man who taught me that people kiss,?? I always ran away with my mouth, I was wondering why I should eat somebody’s saliva??.”

She recalled how they were shunned and ‘deported’ from Awendo to the village. “Apart from us breaking up, this guy had my back, we went through sh*t together, even when his parents said no to me, he stood by me, we were thrown out together to go back in the village,” wrote Akothee.

Adding, “He was still a student, so when his parents chased me away, he said he is coming with me. We were deported from Awendo to the village Kanga, where they had built us a house.”

The ‘Baby Daddy’ hitmaker further disclosed how she put up a business with Sh3000, selling Omeno and vegetables in the local market.

Below is a screengrab of Akothee’s full post and more photos of her first love.

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