Eric Wainaina Hoping to Get Back on Top with New Album

May 29, 2019

Veteran afro-fusion musician Eric Wainaina has a new album out titled ‘Dreams In Stereo’ which he says is his best ever.

The ‘Nchi ya Kitu Kidogo’ singer is hoping the new body of work will perform better than his previous two projects. He noted that the albums didn’t get much airplay on radio but he has never been inactive.

“I have not actually been silent, I have had two other records but they did not get as much radio airplay, maybe that is the reason people thought that I have gone silent but I have never been silent,” he said.

Adding, “I guess there is also a point in one’s career where it goes up and down, so maybe I was in a valley for a while, now we are starting to climb again.”

His new record ‘Dream in Stereo’ is based on love, passion and betrayal which all according to him are experiences and emotions he has experienced.

“That record is very personal, it’s about things I have gone through. The record takes music styles from a lot of influences I have been listening to,” said Eric.

He advises other singers especially the upcoming ones to employ a musical instrument in their careers to guarantee longevity.

“When you play an instrument and you are able to even write your own songs then you are more in control of your career. You are not depending on other people and that is the way to guarantee longevity in the industry,” he noted.

‘Dreams in Stereo’ is out on all the digital platforms.

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