Brenda Wairimu’s Most Embarrassing Moment was Farting on Set

May 29, 2019

Embarrassing moments. There’s simply no escaping them, even among seemingly flawless celebs like actress Brenda Wairimu.

The film and television actress has opened up on her most embarrassing moment. Speaking to Pulser, Brenda Wairimu narrated how she unwittingly let out a fart while taking a nap on set.

Fortunately for the actress, the fart was ‘cute’.

“I always try to sneak in a nap during the day on set, especially on days with very early call times, and late wrap times. So imagine me being woken up by laughter. I had let out a fart in my sleep.

“It was a cute one! Like a cute toot. Not a thunderous one! Better in than out, as they say,” she narrated.

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The Disconnect producer also opened up about life after parting ways with rapper Juliani.

“I was in a serious relationship for eight years, if not more. I’m slowly learning how to date again.

“That does not mean I am desperate to get someone. Besides, I am not sure when I will be ready for something serious,” she said.

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