Must Watch: Sauti Sol Unveil New Faces of Sol Generation in ‘Extravaganza’

May 29, 2019

Kenya’s highflying Afro-pop boyband Sauti Sol is once again proving it’s ahead of the game following the stunning introduction of its signees in a massive hit song titled ‘Extravaganza’.

Earlier this year, the ‘Sura Yako’ hitmakers were called out during the heated discussion about #playkemusic. It was claimed that despite their success in the industry, Sauti Sol had failed to mentor upcoming stars.

But Bien dismissed the allegations saying, “we have been thinking about this for over 2 years. So many problems came along including finances and lack of strategy. We took time to review artistes to make sure they have some shelf life, not just a one-hit wonder.”

Well, their careful approach seems to be reaping its intended benefits. In addition to introducing their flagship signee BenSoul earlier this year, Sauti Sol has given us three more hugely talented music acts. They include Nviiri the Storyteller, Crystal Asige and Kaskazini, an urban-fusion trio formed by Chris, Ywaya, and Israel.

The Sol Generation squad on Tuesday released ‘Extravaganza’, a massive rhumba-infused jam that’s all the rave on YouTube.

Check it out below. Rating 10/10.

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