Timmy Tdat is Happy Kush Tracey Didn’t Commit Suicide

April 10, 2019

Timmy Tdat says he is glad that his ex-girlfriend Kush Tracey came out unscathed out of their failed relationship that ended over two years ago.

This comes after the secular-turned gospel songbird disclosed that one of the reasons she turned over a new leaf was because of failed relationships which made her contemplate suicide.

“I almost committed suicide because of depression but I thank my mother for always being there for me. I had failed relationships, I had been used and my life was just in a mess,” Tracey said in a February interview.

According to Timmy Tdat, he is happy that Kush Tracey chose to follow Christ.

“It is a good thing that when you come through me, you don’t kill yourself,” Timmy told Word Is.

“You don’t go through frustrations in life or even think of committing suicide, but you choose to follow Christ. I am happy for her and I feel it was her time,” he added.

Asked if he is in good terms with Kush Tracey, Timmy said; “We meet up in events and we talk.” 

The hitmaker also disclosed that he is currently in a serious relationship but intends to keep his new catch away from the prying eyes of the public.

“I don’t want opinions about our relationship like I got from the previous relationship. I will only advertise my music,” he said.

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