Akothee’s Water Tank Project For Turkana People Starts to Take Shape – PHOTOS

April 17, 2019

The first of several water tanks donated to people of Turkana by musician Akothee is up and running.

Earlier this month, Akothee purchased six 10,000-litre water tanks from Roto tanks, with the company donating one tank with a capacity of 5,000 litres.

While dispatching the tanks, Akothee also flew her longterm employee Mr Kamba to Lodwar to lay foundation and plumbing before the tanks arrive.

Mr Kamba has been hard at work and has since helped put up one tank in Nakoret village, Turkana. The 10,000-litre tank has also been filled with water.

Taking to social media, Akothee said that Kamba will now be able to build a store in Nakoret where food and donations will be delivered and stored.

“Kamba now has water to help him build the store, the area will be fenced and employ 2 assistants who will control and maintain the assets and food,” said the musician.

Akothee, who was unable to travel to Turkana this week due to her father falling sick, said she will travel to personally oversee the projects as soon as her dad recovers.

“As soon as my dad recovers, I have to be there personally I hate blame games. Now we [are] moving to the next village Kangirisai to plant our second water tank. This is short term so well-wishers have a place to empty their water and food store.”


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