Kenyan Pens Book on Diamond Platnumz’ Success Secrets

April 17, 2019

A Kenyan motivational speaker has published a book based on Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz.

24-year-old Suleiman Ndoro is the brains behind the motivational book titled ‘Success secrets from Diamond Platnumz’. He says he has been following Diamond’s career since 2009.

According to Ndoro, Diamond is the most successful artiste in East Africa, and people should follow in his footsteps to succeed.

“It’s a motivational book that discusses the good things we can learn from Diamond Platnumz,” Ndoro said about the 110-pages long book.

It comprises 40 chapters such as ‘Education is not the key to success’, ‘Sing good songs’, ‘Believe in yourself’, ‘Avoid destructive criticism (people will always talk)’, ‘Change can’t into can’ and ‘Breakthrough takes time’.

“A wise person learns from someone’s achievements and failures. Isn’t that right? As it is always said, success leaves clues,” said the motivational writer.

Ndoro teased the book cover on social media, sparking negative reactions from a section of Kenyans who asked why couldn’t he have written about a Kenyan artiste.

“Of course, there was some negative criticism. There was always the question, is Diamond really the right person? Why not talk about a musician from Kenya? Isn’t he an Illuminati?” Ndoro said.

Nevertheless, he says he has the support of his family, especially his father who was the first person to read the book and appreciate it.

The author has so far compiled 20 books: 14 medical revision books and six motivational books.

“I want to grow to an international level for both me and my business and also hold the hands of my fellow young people and light their candles,” said Suleiman.

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