PHOTOS of Anita Nderu’s Glamorous Pink Pajama Birthday Party

February 11, 2019

Anita Nderu is on officially on her last year on the second floor; the popular media girl turned 29 on Saturday, Feb 9.

Just as she had promised, her bash was a glamorous pink pajama party that was graced by her family and close friends.

While reflecting on her special day, Anita Nderu penned a deep post on her Instagram on the life lessons she has learned thus far.

She wrote;

“My last year on the second floor? I am 29 now? Happy birthday to me? What have I learned? Humans can be cruel, you need to develop tough skin, not everyone will like or understand you. Life happens when you are busy making plans. Most people do zero research and will believe click bait article narrations. No matter what the truth is. It’s okay to say no. The people you love can hurt you, A LOT! Gin is amazing with tonic and grapefruit #Tanqueray10Tonic #WorldclassKe
Warus are the best potatoes ?Speak your dreams into existence. Nothing is worth your mental health. A watermelon, berries, coconut water and pineapple smoothie is the truth. Be you boo boo, do you boo boo. Apply to every and any organisation you have passion for.
People in leadership positions are not necessarily cut out for the role. Just deal with them though. Petty is never an option. Do your bit and carry on.
Pray, A LOT!
Always be the kind of person who makes decisions that allows you to sleep soundly at night. Above all, your friends and family will see you through things you would not comprehend. Appreciate them every time you can. Happy new year to all the February babies??”

The birthday comes weeks after Anita made another big milestone in her life by moving out of her parents’ house. She’s also managed to fight depression after a five-month battle.

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Scroll below for the photos of Anita Nderu’s pink pajama party.

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