Anita Nderu Paid her First Rent, “It did not feel nice”

January 25, 2019

Everybody’s favorite media girl Anita Nderu has officially joined the ‘adulting’ club; the Capital FM presenter has finally moved out of her parents’ house.

The 28-year-old beauty was over the moon, taking to Instagram on Thursday to announce the big milestone. According to Anita Nderu, getting her own place had been a long time coming after singing about it for two years.

While moving out was such a liberating move for Anita Nderu, she soon found out that she can’t have her cake and eat it too. She said that she paid her first ever rent on Wednesday and it did not feel nice; considering she was living rent-free for the last three years.

“I also went shopping for household items, now I see why parents wanted to kill us when we broke things, it is not cheap to furnish a house,” wrote Anita.

The move comes weeks before Anita turns 29 on the 9th of Feb. She says she has since finalised plans for a pink pajama party, so it’s all good vibes for Anita Nderu who also revealed that she has successfully battled depression.

“The people close to me know what a struggle and mental torture last year was. I battled depression for 5 months and it was not pretty. They answered so many phone calls of me crying. I began to feel like a negative Nancy and I was. I recovered towards the end of last year and have been well since,” said Anita.

She added: “After today I am happy to announce I will finally have peace of mind. I am so excited I literally cannot stop smiling ? ”

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