Willy Paul Drops New ‘Movie’, Speaks on Competition, Beef With Bongo Stars

May 21, 2018

After weeks of hype, Willy Paul finally released his highly anticipated ‘movie’ – Murder. Believing it was an actual movie, fans were shocked when the controversial star released a music video instead. It was yet another set up aimed at publicity.

The new song and its accompanying video tell the story of a young husband and dad whose wife is being seduced by a ‘sponsor’ . Willy Paul, who plays the role of the husband, resorts to running away with his wife and young baby to the forest where he seeks God’s intervention through prayer.

“Wanaonijua, wanajua nakupenda we mke wangu wee. Wanaonijua, wanajua nakupenda na mwana wangu pia. Wanaonijua, wanajua napenda familia yangu. Sasa wanata kuni-murder, wachukue wangu mama. Ninaomba unilinde, 24-7 unilinde. Naomba unilinde, 365 unilinde,” Willy Paul sings.

According to Willy Paul, ‘Murder’ is a first of many such projects he is working on under his label Saldido Records.

“This is the first time I am doing a video in form of a short film. I have given my fans something new, something unique, a song many can relate to in this era where rich men are destroying people’s families,” Willy Paul says.

“I am not really bothered by competition. I am just doing my thing. I have been working with my fellow artistes like DJ Mo and Size 8 and in this particular video, I have incorporated DJ Sadiq, so clearly, I am not scared that someone could be better than me.”

“I have a strong feeling that 2018 will be a good year for me. My studio is now up and running and I have a number of young artistes looking forward to be signed. I am happy with what I have done for myself and I thank God for all the favour,” he added.

Asked about his recent beef with Harmonize, Willy Paul explained, The thing is that we welcome them here to collaborate with us and we open the space for them to get big shows but, quite the contrary, they won’t allow us to have the same in their country. One feels really cheated that way and that is why I raised the issue. I hope this will change.”

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