PHOTOS- Vera Sidika Fulfills Promise Made to Fan Who Went Berserk After Meeting Her

May 21, 2018

Popular girl-about-town and video vixen Vera Sidika on Sunday came through on her promise to a male fan she met recently.

The fan, identified as Brian Kibet, had professed her admiration for the “socialite”, albeit in embarrassing fashion, as she was leaving a club about two weeks ago.

In a video shared by Vera on Instagram, Brian was seen going berserk outside her car, even kneeling before the self-styled Bossett and begging to shake her hand. Embarrassing right?! It’s just Vera, not the Queen of England or Meghan Markle. With that said, I sympathize with the Kenyan boychild.

But my shade aside, Brian’s exaggerated and unstable fanaticism left Vera thoroughly impressed that she felt obliged to reach out.

I didn’t wanna post this. But I have been watching this video over and over again. I can’t ignore it. I keep replaying it….And my heart tells me I need to reach out. I have lovers and haters but what makes me so emotional is the fact that this young man saw me drive out of a club and came kneeling down right infront of my car begging just say hi. All he wanted was a handshake. Which he got. This might mean nothing to most people but it means so damn much to me. I feel the need to do something about it. And I would wish to take this loyal fan out for Lunch. That’s the only way I would feel content, happy and relaxed. If you know this young man kindly tag him & let him know I wanna take him out for lunch & give him an opportunity to chat with me & ask me whatever he would love to know about me & Take as much photos he wishes to. (Restaurant of his choice) And he can bring his girlfriend too so she feels comfortable. I just wanna make his day that’s all. Bless up ?

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Brian’s lucky day finally came yesterday as Vera treated him to a pricey late lunch at the Tribe Hotel. Through her Instagram, Vera described Brian as a humble guy.

“Finally took Brian for Lunch ( As I had earlier promised ) Such a humble guy. Thanks to everyone who tagged him ….Blessed Sunday,” wrote Vera.

The lucky lad returned the favor saying Vera has an amazing heart.


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