“We Were Not Ready” Adelle Onyango Stepped Out in a Dress and Heels and Netizens Couldn’t Believe It

March 29, 2018

Finally! We can all die in peace now after popular radio personality Adelle Onyango stepped out in a dress.

The Kiss 100 FM presenter is arguably one of the most non-conformist fashionistas in the country. Her unique sense of style and fashion is almost her trademark and it is often characterized by cute and chic tomboyish outfits.

She has never been the “dresses and heels kinda girly girl” and for all the years she has been a prominent public figure, pictures of Adelle in a dress are countable.

Fortunately, the gracious and highly acclaimed activist has answered our prayers and dropped the pants, sneakers, and snapbacks for a dress and heels.

She sent her Instagram followers into a meltdown on Tuesday after flaunting her svelte frame in a figure-hugging maxi dress. She was also in heels that accentuated her petite feminine curves.

Apparently, the dress is one of only four that she owns.

Here’s how social media reacted:

  • sharonwendo: “you look gorgeous. I have never seen you in a dress. Superb”
  • sylviaperez543: “This is so unlike you Adelle… You’re looking good nevertheless”
  • stellamwihaki: “Somebody wore heels ??”
  • bchyqa: “It’s possible for beauty to hurt your eyes and squeeze your heart at the same when it’s too much in one place ???”
  • junewekesa: “Haiya heels today!”
  • sebawali: “Excuse please. We were not ready”
  • iammimmykhamis: “Never seen you in a dress???…nice!”
  • wangui.kinyua: “Truth is, you should own many because you look gorgeous.”
  • catekhanaxhanti: “You sure rock that dress… the heels are dope the height is on point …., you should try dresses regularly you look pretty Adelle…. I admire you.”
  • lyndahogayo: “You only have four dresses???”
  • joanmilgo: Lit.. show us the front?
  • a_maisie: “Super awesome. You should be encouraged to get more.”
  • jagon2k: “But you look so lovely in it, why not add another two?

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