Amani: I Got Tired of Secular World and Something Needed to Change in My Life

March 29, 2018

Kenyan songbird Cecilia Wairimu who is better known by her stage name Amani recently announced that she had turned over a new life.

The veteran pop singer is one of the latest Kenyan female singers to have made the switch from secular to gospel in what has become a familiar trend in the Kenyan music industry.

Amani, whose music career started after she signed a record deal with Ogopa Deejays in 1999, says her decision to get born again was not influenced by anything particular.

“There was nothing particular that happened to me to be born again, but it’s just that I got tired,” said Amani.

She added: “I would feel like I would be somewhere, sit down at home without travelling like I used to do before being in a music concert or even performing, then I asked myself what could be the problem.”

“It’s when I realised there was something I needed to change in my life. I started searching why am I not feeling the same anymore, and its when I realised that my heart was not there anymore.”

Amani further disclosed that she felt she needed to turn over a new leaf about two years ago.

“Well, it was basically a personal decision to follow Christ. Two years ago, I felt I am actually done with the whole industry and basically my own life, and I felt yeah, I need to turn over a new leaf.”

She went on: “I decided to be quiet about it, for one because, once you get saved, the transition is not overnight. You have to go through your old transformation and get new habits and form new ones. I also wanted to get to a point where I would be comfortable about talking about it and a point where I felt like I had gotten to a new lifestyle, though each day God is working on you with different stuff. So when I felt I was comfortable talking about it, is when I did.”

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