Vanessa Chettle Gives Birth to Daughter on Her Own Inside a Bathroom

February 14, 2018

Former ‘Nairobi Diaries’ actress Vanessa Cheruto Chettle is the newest mum in town.

Cheruto, who was at one time one of the more popular socialites in the country, delivered a bouncing baby girl.

The delivery, however, was not smooth sailing for the petite beauty as she had to welcome her baby girl on her own. Worse still, the delivery was in a bathroom as revealed by the bikini-model.

Through her Instagram stories, Vanessa left her fans shocked after sharing a picture showing the pool of blood she left on her washroom floor while giving birth.

She also revealed that being her first pregnancy, she didn’t know she was going into labor and thought she was constipating.

“I was home alone and being my first pregnancy, I honestly didn’t know I was in labor! Thought I had constipation,” wrote Vanessa.

Vanessa also introduced the baby girl named Anna Chebet Chettle to her followers this week, describing her as a miracle.

“Anna you #Miracle you!! I birthed her all by MYSELF at home in the freaking bathroom!! I’ll explain later how that situation came to be,
For now I’m just proud of this strong lil mini-ME :),” she captioned a picture of Anna.

The singer’s baby daddy is yet to be unveiled but Vanessa’s fans are hopeful as congratulatory messages continue to stream in. Vanessa, who was once famous for her party lifestyle and nude shoots, has been keeping a low profile since opening up about her struggle with drug addiction.

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