Victoria Kimani Calls for an End to Rape Culture After Booty Grab in Kisii

February 14, 2018

American born Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani has come out strongly against rape culture following an incident in which she was sexually assaulted while on tour.

The singer had just finished killing a sold-out show in Kisii, Kenya when she was groped as she made her way out of the venue.

The ‘China Love’ singer opened up about the incident on social media, revealing that the culprit was duly slapped by Victoria’s security detail.

“To the guy that grabbed my a$$, That HOT SLAP you got in the Face by the security detail…. You fully deserved it! BOYS Stop touching GIRLS without their consent!” wrote Victoria alongside the hashtag #ENDRAPECULTURE.

In another post, Victoria lectured people who make light of sexual assault saying they are part of the problem.

“RAPE CULTURE is what you are promoting when you laugh or make jokes out of sexual violation, it is when you downplay these actions and BLAME the VICTIM for what was done to them,” the post reads in part.

According to Victoria, she is passionate about ending this vice because she knows close friends who have been molested and had no one to support them.

“You boys (and shockingly girls too) I will pray for you on this good Sunday. There is a special place in HELL for you if you do not stop what you are doing! ” concluded Victoria.

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