“Why We Quit Show in Solidarity” – Vioja Mahakamani Veterans

August 1, 2017

Acting pioneers of the popular TV show Vioja Mahakamani have once again faulted the government for lack of support of the arts.

Mary Khavere (Mama Kayai), Lucy Wangui (judge) and Gibson Kamau (prosecutor) were speaking with Word Is.

“It is unfortunate that Kenya has no policy that supports actors, which would have a designated budget that would help in the growth and development of the entertainment industry as government support,” Gibson said.

Speaking about the reasons for quitting the comedy show, Lucy, who played the no-nonsense judge, said that “when the cast of Vitimbi was told to leave due to their old age, we quit in solidarity as we are a family”.

The show currently stars new age actors including Nice Githinji, Dr Ofweneke and Aliwah.

The veterans warned that the new casts cannot match up to what they had created because people watched Vioja to see them.

They have ventured out on their own on a new show which will see them seek out new talent, mentor them and star with them.

The show is called ‘Jungu Kuu’ and it premiered on K24 on Sunday.

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