‘I Received a Special Message from Lupita,” Says Fena Gitu

July 18, 2017

Fena Gitu’s latest jam ‘She Doing her Thing Tho’ has seen the fenamenal singer receive a special message from Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o.

In the single which continues to rule the airwaves, Fena celebrates Kenyan women doing great things. One of the women is the Kenyan born NewYork based Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’o.

According to Fena, Lupita heard the song and sent a special message.

While she did not reveal the contents of the message, the ‘Sema Ngwe’ told Buzz that she was happy about Lupita’s message.

“I was happy when I received a special message from Lupita Nyong’o after she heard my song. She sent someone to deliver the message and I hope one day I will meet her.

“I also mentioned Victoria Rubadiri in the second verse and I just like the way she presents herself. She is very classy, simple in a nice way and she seems like such a nice person. It was a good addition. The two Kimani’s who I also mentioned in the song (Edith and Victoria) are doing their thing and they were very supportive when they heard the song,” said Fena.

She also went ahead to narrate how she was mistreated during the Omarion concert.

“Event organisers should accord local artistes respect. During the Omarion concert that was held recently, I had to let my frustrations known. There was a lot of commotion backstage when he was ushered in, everything changed. Artistes on the lineup were not allowed to go back to their tent to get their stuff including me. I was frustrated because I was at my own concert which I had performed and I should have been allowed to go back to my tent. This was not the first time it happened and I’m pretty sure it will not be the last one. I hope in the Wizkid concert there will be order. For me there is a certain courtesy you extend to an artiste who is performing at that kind of platform.”


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