Gilad Millo and his Son Pay Tribute to Angel Uriel in Moving Song -Watch Video

July 17, 2017

Israeli born diplomat turned musician Gilad Millo last week released a beautiful new song titled ‘Angel Uriel.’

The song is a tribute to 8-year-old Uriel Itzhak Shoham; the only son of Yagil Shoham (founder of Casa De Yagil) and Eloisa Gaytan who died tragically from heart failure while in school.

Gilad expounds further: “Uriel is the beloved son of my friend Yagil. Uriel passed away suddenly at the age of 8 in early April 2017. He was always in good health and his heart failure was a shock to everyone. When the doctors explained that there was no hope his brave parents Yagil & Eloisa decided to donate Uriel’s organs because that is what he would have done. I had planned to go to Mexico a year earlier with my family, but the trip was cancelled and I never met Uriel. When Uri passed I flew to Mexico to console my friend and wrote this song. The music video was filmed in Uriel’s home town and in the Jungle, where his parents take tourists. These were Uriel’s favorite places on Earth. Despite his young age Uriel was a traveller and loved nature. May his memory be blessed!”

The moving song features Gilad’s son Omer Millo.

Watch below:

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