King Kaka: I Spend Sundays With My Girls

July 17, 2017

High-flying Kenyan rapper King Kaka is without a doubt doing well for himself this year.

The ‘Life na Adabu’ rapper recently added the title columnist’ to his accolade as he continues to cast his net wider as one of the most influential role models to the youths.

Besides his music profession, King Kaka is also a doting dad to his two daughters, Ayanna and Gweth.

He revealed to Sunday Magazine that he loves Sundays because he gets to hang out with them.

Here’s what a typical Sunday looks like for the ‘Life na Adabu’ rapper.

Sunday is the day…

I relax and hang out with my family. I get to see and hang out with my daughters, find out what they have been up to and just delight in seeing them grow into beautiful young girls.

Once I am up…

I pray, take a shower then eat a full meal.

If I could replace Sunday with any other day it would be…

Another Sunday. It is family day thus I would not replace it. Actually, if I could, I would have four Sundays in a week.

What I love most about Sundays is…

I get to spend time with my girls.

What I don’t like about Sundays?

It goes by so fast. The day is over as soon as it starts.

Sunday menu?

It changes every Sunday but mostly it’s chapati, dondo( beans), chicken, managu and more.

Rules you break on Sunday…

It is the only day I sleep in and I get a free pass for lazing around.

That one thing you have always wanted to do but haven’t done…

I don’t really think there is anything I haven’t done.

Sunday activities include….

Staying at home or going out for swimming. Sometimes we go out to dinner.

Sunday tracks?

Jazz and RnB.


Jay Z’s Empire State of Mind. The most striking quote from it was ‘Everyone has their own success journey.’


My daughter told me “Papa love you.” Precious.


Sh50 million in cash!

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