Sema Ngwe Challenge! Watch Daredevil Kenyan Girl Do Push Ups on Nairobi Street (VIDEO)

March 29, 2017

When Fena Gitu dropped the music video for her single ‘Sema Ng’we’ in January, she probably did not expect the kind of reception the hit has received.

In the video, the ‘Fenamenal’ singer is seen performing several dares/challenges, one of which is doing push-ups in the middle of traffic.

Months later, the challenge is catching on among Kenyan youth.

A short clip of a daring Kenyan lass is trending on the interwebs after she stopped traffic in Nairobi’s CBD to do some push-ups.

Reposting the clip on her Instagram, Fena captioned it: “Hahahaha I got a mini panic attack when I saw this. Kids, don’t try this at home!”

Check it out:

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