What Rufftone Told President Uhuru Kenyatta to Get his Daughter Back

January 11, 2016

ruffDuring the State House End of Year Party in which gospel singer Rufftone was among the invited guests, something out of the ordinary happened with his daughter.
During that fun filled party that went down on December 23, Rufftone was called on stage to perform. Before entertaining the guests, Rufftone took the opportunity to call his wife Krystal and daughter Kerren Agolla to introduce them officially to Uhuru and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.
However, the one year old girl declined to let go of the President’s hands.
“I was amazed when the President held my baby, who went ahead to decline from letting go from his hands. That was when it hit me that I had to do something,” Rufftone told Word Is.
So what did he do to save the situation?
“When the baby completely refused to let go off Uhuru’s hands, I was forced to stand up as her daddy and “warn” the President using the public address system: “Manze, tuheshimiane… Huyo mtoto ni wangu si wa State House. Tafadhali nirudishie mtoto wangu (Hey man! Let’s respect each other. That child is mine. She doesn’t belong to State House. Please return my baby to me). But it was on a lighter note though.”
He continued, “At that very moment, everybody at the event broke out in laughter. I think Kerren also realised how serious I was and she accepted to go back to her mother’s arms. There has to be something very special about our President. He is such a cool guy and his spirit is so pure. I believe that’s why my child reacted the way she did.”

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