“Ethiopian Airlines Hostesses Look Nothing as Advertised” – DNG Disses Airline

January 11, 2016

DNGWhen the Kenya Airways vs Ethiopian Airlines debate was rife last year, the latter got the upper hand as Kenyans hailed its cheap flight prices. In addition, the Ethiopian national carrier got the plaudits for its beautiful air hostesses, compared to the Kenyan ones.
Well, shock on you. Apparently, the cabin crew are not as stunning as advertised according to self proclaimed Kenya’s Number 1 Hype man, Davidson Ngibuini aka DNG. The MC experienced first hand the ‘terrible experience’ and narrated it on his Facebook page.
He wrote,
“I am in various whatsapp groups where peeps blast KQ for being expensive vis-a-vis Ethiopian Airlines which is cheap. Well, I tried the latter. Yes it was cheap, but my experience was terrible. The seats were old and dirty and the mirror in the loo was absent. I could see all the electricals. LOL.
Plus, the air hostesses look nothing as advertised! They actually hit you to wake you up and hand you food. (Normally, they are supposed to say, “Excuse me Sir, would you like something to eat?”) After all the fuss, the food was terrible!!! The wine?? Never heard of it. Flat and yuck. Plus there was no whiskey/cognac! How???

The airport (connection) was as chaotic as one can imagine. Guys all over, without any direction. It even beat Dar Es Salaam.
In conclusion, in comparison with other countries, we have a great airline with great service + a great airport. We are coordinated and are professional (when we feel like).”

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