The past week has seen Mike Sonko put up a spirited fight against rogue City Council askaris who have been torturing, hurting and even going to an extend of killing hawkers in Nairobi town. Irked by their ill behavior, the Nairobi County Senator, went to his Facebook page to expose the culprits behind the sorry acts. On top of that, he gave a 24-hour ultimatum threatening to resign from his job in case those guilty were not brought to book.
Up to now, three of those suspected to be running the killings are in police custody awaiting to face murder charges once they appear in court. As we wait for justice to be served, below are photos of the three men who have been arrested by police so far.
Rogue County Askaris 10
Rogue County Askaris 9
Rogue County Askaris 5
Rogue County Askaris 4
Rogue County Askaris 3
Rogue County Askaris 1