Rapper Attitude Refutes Mercy Myra’s Claims That They Are Divorced

April 15, 2015

mercyUS based Kenyan rapper Malimo Andega known by the stage name, Attitude has come out to deny that he is divorced to celebrated singer Mercy Myra.
The rapper posted a rant on social media, over a year after Mercy Myra went public on a local daily claiming that she had divorced the rapper and moved on. Attitude was however having none of that as he termed those claims as a big, fat lie.
“And for the record, what a big fat lie shes been tellin u guys!!! We are not divorced.. Not yet….. Dont know why any media houses havent asked her for divorce papers because as of this minute she CANT produce any…. DO RESEARCH BEFORE BLINDLY WRITING STORIES… The source might be faulty or falicious…..”
According to Mercy Myra, the two separated back in 2011

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