“I Got No Apologies To Make To Octopizzo For My Diss Track” – Khaligraph Jones

April 15, 2015

jonesRapper Khaligraph has maintained he was right to diss fellow rapper Octopizzo in the jam ‘I Run 254.’
Octopizzo while speaking to a local radio entertainment show, stated categorically that he would never work on a collabo with the ‘Embesha’ rapper.
“That will never happen because the guy went a little bit too far in his dis track when he decided to touch on my kids and wife. It would be worth it if he had stuck to a lyrical diss maybe on how I dress, my songs but not touching on my family,” he responded when asked if he would work with Khaligraph.
However, Khaligraph has stated he owes him no apologies. He was speaking to the Daily Nation last week.
“First and foremost I got no apologies to make to him for the harm the dis track has caused him because it serves him right.
This guy has been snitching on me for a while, everywhere he goes he always talks sh**t about me. When I released “Mbesha” he kept saying the song is more of a commercial advert.  I also remember sometime we shared the same podium and while he was on stage he made me his subject. We are both in this game and I think the industry is big enough to accommodate all of us but he has to know that it’s my time to eat too and I really don’t understand why he feels intimidated,” he said.
Their beef is said to have began back in 2007 in a British Council Freestyle competition that Khaligraph won.

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