Jacque Maribe’s Lovely Message To Her Son as He Turns 11 Months (PHOTOS)

April 15, 2015

jacque3She may have been the unfortunate subject of online trolls in the recent past but Jacque Maribe is unfazed by such. The Citizen TV reporter has her hands full not only as a top journalist but also as a doting mother to her son, Zahari.
Her little one clocked 11 months yesterday and Jacque Maribe took to social media to celebrate him with a heart warming message.
She posted: “I’m grateful that the Lord saw it fit to make me custodian over you. Fruit of my womb. My blessing, my pride, my love, my laughter. Happy 11 months my darling son, may the Lord watch over you and protect you. #myminime #MySoulmateAndI #MyZahari #MummyChronicles.”
Check out their precious moments:

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