Here’s Jaguar’s Mansion and His Expensive Cars

April 14, 2015

Jaguar has really come a long way in terms of his ever growing music career; a talent which has seen him rise high through the ranks of East Africa’s most celebrated artists and entertainers. His flourishing talent has subsequently brought him not only the fame but also good money.
Of late, the huu mwaka singer has been rubbing shoulders with the Head of State as well as leading a flashy lifestyle filled with lots of niceties and all expensive things an artiste his class could afford to have. Apart from from his great music, the hardworking man has managed to build himself a big house and own luxury cars under his high flying name.
As he revealed on his instagram, here is his house and some of the big machines he parks outside his residence.
Jaguar's house and cars 1
Jaguar's cars 2
Jaguar's cars 3
Jaguar's cars 4
Jaguar's cars 5

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