Larry Madowo Flaunts His Millions After Joining The Multi-Millionaires Club (PHOTO)

April 14, 2015

Top NTV journalist, Larry Madowo, has somewhat made it after becoming a multi millionaire. For all his hard work, it was bound to happen, right?
During his last visit to Vietnam, courtesy of Kenya Airways’ inaugural flight launch, the lad turned into an instant multi millionaire. The good news is that you too can become a multi millionaire with about $100 in the Asian country.
With $100 and €2o, Larry had with him just over 2,600,000 Vietnamese Dong in cash. He posted on his Instagram page a photo with the cash and captioned it:
“I was a temporary multi-millionaire in Vietnam. 1 Kenyan shilling = 233 Dong. So yeah, that was just over $100 and maybe €20 thrown in. Feels good to buy stuff in the millions, like a boss!”
larry madowo
The smile tells it all..’Ujaluo Isamuua’

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