SHOCKING – Thugs Gas And Kill Joey Muthengi and Holy Dave’s Dogs at Their Machakos Home

April 14, 2015

The Muthengis, gospel star Holy Dave and his sister Ebru TV host Joey Muthengi, were left shocked after thugs attempted to break into their Machakos home over the weekend.
According to Holy Dave, the thugs gassed their three security dogs in the attempted robbery. They were however stopped by the security guards who forced them to flee from the scene.
Through Instagram, Holy Dave mourned the death of their pets that have served them for over 10 years. He posted: “Thugs visited our Machakos home at night and gassed our 3 pets/security dogs. Fortunately the security guards were not harmed and the thugs didn’t manage to break in. The dogs have served us well and kept us safe for over 10 years and we’ll miss them. They died on the frontline… Salute. RIP.”
Joey Muthengi on the other hand said: “#RIP. To the deranged person who did this…karma is a B”
holy dave

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