Drama as Kenya @50 Director’s Son is Kicked Out of Intercontinental Hotel

March 10, 2014

mwaniki-mageria-2As some people were celebrating Lupita’s huge win at the Academy awards, the director of Kenya @50 secretariat, Saimu Ondimu’s son was being kicked out of the Intercontinental hotel.
Apparently, Nicholas Ondimu was angry when Kenyan film commissioner and Balozi productions owner, Mwaniki Mageria started hitting on his sister.
“Stay the fuck away from my sister and date someone your age. She is much younger than you . Stay the fuck away,” he shouted at Mageria.
“Trouble started when we popped champagne to celebrate Lupita’s win. I happened to stand beside a young girl and before I could even get her name, he started shouting and using the f*** word on her,” Mageria told Nairobian newspaper. “I asked him to calm down but he kept shouting, I couldn’t understand what the fuss was all about as I hardly knew the girl who looked young. She must have finished college recently.” he added.
Nicholas Ondimu was immediately kicked out of the hotel by the management..

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