Singer Dogo Bigi Accuses TV Reporter of Conning Him

March 10, 2014

dogoUpcoming singer Dogo Bigi has accused TV reporter Joab Mwaura of conning him. The moyo wangu singer was discovered by Mwaura as an orphan and a school drop out in Kisumu. Mwaura then brought him to Nairobi to record music at Grandpa Records.
“Mwaura took me to his house to help me while I lived in Nairobi, but he has been taking a lot of money meant for me from well wishers,” Dogo told Nairobi News.
It is reported that Mwaura has also been fueling hatred between Dogo and Grandpa Records.
“He told me that Grandpa has been exploiting me, so I ended up parting ways with the label,” he said.
He went on to reveal Mwaura kicked him out when he tied the knot.
Mwaura, on his side, was shocked to hear the accusations.
Are you sure he told you that? I can’t believe it. I helped that boy from scratch; I gave him accommodation in my house, and paid the full amount of Sh80,000 to Grandpa records to record an audio and shoot a video. No one else gave me even a cent to do this,” he said.

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