Timeline of Events Before and After Sonko’s Melt Down on KISS 100

September 6, 2013

Yesterday, it was all about Sonko and Caroline Mutoko. Today, it seems it will continue being the same. 
If you missed the story, here’s how things went down.

– For several weeks, comedian Chipukeezy Vinie makes jokes about First Daughter Ngina Kenyatta and Sonko’s daughter Saumu.

– On the morning of 5th September, Nairobi Senator calls KISS 100, during their morning show hosted by Caroline Mutoko and Chipukeezy Vinie.

– The interview goes well, with Mutoko pressing hard, just as she’s known to. Perhaps she pressed a little harder on this instance.

– For a few minutes, Sonko answers the questions as asked, though Mutoko does not exactly like his answers.

– When Mutoko fails to drop her line of questioning, Sonko goes berserk.

– He first wondered whether Mutoko was high on something or had been ‘sent’.

– He then called her such names as horny whore, cigarette addict etc.

– Sonko also wondered what Mutoko does with her Sh1 million salary if she does not help the poor.

– After the call, Chipukeezy rushes to Facebook and writes a public apology to Sonko.

– Later in the afternoon, Mutoko puts down a Facebook post, not apologizing or scorning Sonko, but…. Okay, I don’t know what to make from her post.
Read it HERE.

– In the evening, Sonko publishes some form of explanation, saying he called KISS 100 not to be interviewed, but to complain about the discussion going on about his daughter.

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