Kenyans Make Fun of Capiroo FM’s Accent… Hilarious

July 18, 2013

Capital FM is known for having Kenyan presenters with British or American accents. It is even rumoured that this is one of the requirements before gaining employment at the Chris Kirubi owned station.
One of their products, Victoria Rubadiri, even exported the accent to NTV. 

Kenyans have for a long time now been making fun of the station, and it is now widely referred to as Capiroo FM. 
This week on Tujuane, one lady spoke with a British accent, and Kenyans saw this as an opportunity to bring back the Capiroo issue.

Below are some tweets on the matter.

You have 2MB of accent remaining. Dial *544*Capiroo# to get another accent.

I just bought a capiroo accent and I think I need to buy subtitles too.

On a scale of Capiroo presenters accents to Redsan’s Jamaican accent, just how fake are you?

To-Do List: 
1.Go to Rongai. 
2.Come back with a british accent. 
3.Apply for a job at capiroo FM.

For the next date, nitapitia capiroo for the accent, go for face painting, pitia sonfords, change clothes nikifika home then chomoa PS. #Tujuane

Itabiri i have a capiroo weng,you know warrr am saying

Streaming #Tujuane coz I need to download that Capiroo Accent…*now downloading*

The accents that’s on #Tujuane today,it’s a capiroo interview.” I tell you

Madame light skinned ndio humoan YEP YEP” capiroo accent inawasumbua

or Luhya RT @_Kaana_: in Kenya it is either you have a Capiroo accent, a Naija accent or Jamaican accent

Kenyan chicks with that capiroo accent don’t give good head. Find a dendai who says “Dhazday” uone mambo!”

A sausage is just your ordinary ratchet mutura but with a capiroo accent.

#IfIWokeUpVeryRich i would buy each of the Capiroo FM presenters a Kenyan accent”

Happy July 4th to all those Struggling Middle class kenyans with Counterfeit American accents.

Lakini this #capiroo accent… si watameza ulimi

Illuminari~ Capiroo FM

Joe alikuwa wapi watu wa capiroo wakipewa accent??

Croissant ni mandazi ilifanya internship capital”

Ghetto Radio meets Capiroo…”

That chic should pass by Capiroo Studios and drop that accent to the Accent Procurement officer

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