Cecilia Mwangi Admits Being Second Wife To Coast MP

November 4, 2012

“I am proud to say I am his second wife” Cecilia Mwangi

The rumours have always been there. Former Miss Kenya Cecilia Mwangi has finally come out and admitted being the second wife of a coast member of parliament. In an interview with Drum Magazine, Cecilia said that it has now been five years since their marriage and they’re growing strong. She said that her going public was inspired by Tusker Project Fame 1 winner, Linda Muthama, who also went public about his marriage to Nyambane, as the other wife. 
Despite Cecilia pleading with the magazine not to reveal the name of her husband, citing the campaign period and the possibility of competitors using this reason against him, it has always been an open secret that the member of parliament is Danson Mungatana. “We are now in the campaign period and I want my husband to be at peace,” Ms Mwangi told nation.
Cecilia revealed that they have a 14 month old baby called Cherise. “We have one child and a second one is up for discussion.”
The vocal anti jigger campaign ambassador said that one condition of their relationship was that the MP would not neglect his other family. “As long as he is taking care of the other family I am OK,” she said. “If he considered abandoning them for me then that would be the end of us.”
Cecilia sees no problem in being in a polygamous relationship. She believes that we should embrace African culture. “We must embrace our African culture, People must stop demonizing second wives because we are not bad people.”
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