Nyatichi Nyasani Marital Woes

Nyatichi Nyasani
Former cabinet minister JJ Kamotho’s daughter is allegedly stealing away Tom Sitati from former TV girl Nyatichi Nyasini. The two secret love birds (Tom and Nyokabi) have been secretly dating behind Nyatichi’s back until she (Nyatichi) recently busted them. Nyatichi Nyasani, a mother of three married Sitati a couple of years ago and has since been in the limelight.
Nyokabi Kamotho, who is said to be divorced, has allegedly had this illicit love affair for over a year now. A source close to the lovebirds revealed that their love affair had grown over the past months and that Nyatichi had suspected foul play before she recently busted the two. It is now unclear whether the two who are still married will work out their relationship problems or whether a divorce is in the pipeline.
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