How To Know You Are Cursed [ Hilarious ]

October 14, 2012
1. When you fail Only maths and English in exam..
2. If you have worked in a company for
    25 years without promotion
3. If you are an arsenal Fan/Liverpool/……………………….

4. Even after photo-shopping ur pic

    you still look ugly

5. When u rape a military man’s only child.

6. When a Rat eats your name out of
    all your documents.

7. When your only child joins the Army

A man with Ak47 ran into a church
& pointed the gun at the
congregation saying “Who’s a child
of GOD here, let me send him 2
The congregation remained
silent. He then released 1 shot on the
roof. The congregation shouted “Its
the pastor! He always says that he’s
a child of God.”
Pastor replied; What kind of conspiracy is this?
Everyone here knows that I am the
elder son of Njuguna, wa Karatina…
wacheni kuniwekelea mbonoko
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