Singer Jaguar’s Car Stunt Goes Wrong.. Almost Rams Into People

September 13, 2012
Jaguar Kenya
Singer Jaguar’s vehicle stunt went wrong during Meru’s Niko na Safaricom Live extravaganza. The matapeli singer had reportedly thoroughly rehearsed an entrance stunt but the execution when it mattered flopped. 
Jaguar’s stunt ride went to the wrong direction, narrowly missing a section of the crowd. This caused a great security scare, as the crowd now headed to towards the car. In the middle of the fracas, Jaguar’s dark suited body guards were left helpless. They only regained control of the situation after a contingent of G4S guards formed a human shield around the singer. The crowd was however still pushing and insisting on greeting him by hand. Some few were lucky to get his attention with most left disappointed. 
The artist however cheered everyone up when he took the stage.

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