Octopizzo Illuminati, Are You Insane. Even Jay Z Is Not.

May 21, 2012

“I can bet 97 % of Kenyans have never heard of this man.”

It surprises me just how low some magazines can go. One magazine pullout about one week ago started the rumour that Octopizzo is illuminati. The story was picked up by every other blog ( except this one). It was said that his meteoric rise to the top cannot be explained any other way. What surprised me is that some reputable blogs, including one run by Ghetto Radio, actually reported on this.
This morning I woke up to news that singer, Wini Nkinda, is Illuminati, and I decided to speak my mind. The reason nairobi wire did not report on the Octopizzo issue is because we have done a little reading on how the Illuminati work. Some ignorant bloggers swallow the gossip whole, without even chewing. Before I proceed, let me point out that Octopizzo came out and denied those allegations and claimed that it was his haters who started the rumours. (I always laugh at how artiste manufacture artificial haters). So just how does this Illuminati work?
Illuminati is a very secretive and exclusive members club made up of the wealthiest of the wealthy. It is said to have an agenda to control the world by taking charge of major world governments and media organizations. They control the music and movie industry. One major characteristic of the illuminati is that NOBODY can join it. You have to be born into it. 
The last statement is the game changer. Claiming that Rihanna, Jay Z, Beyonce or at the extremely extreme, Octopizzo is Illuminati, is wrong. What the Illuminati does is to spread their agenda through some high profile musicians. They act as the Illuminati puppets. 
Flash forward to Octopizzo. Here is one artiste who I’m not sure if I’ve spelled his name right. I can bet 97 % of Kenyans have never heard of this man. How on earth is he even on Illuminati’s radar, leave alone joining it. 
So next time you here this artiste is Illuminati, kindly press IGNORE.
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