Things to Know About the New Cast Members of The Real Housewives of Nairobi Season 2

April 17, 2024

The Real Housewives of Nairobi (RHON) has finally unveiled its new cast members as the reality show gears up for its highly-anticipated return in Season 2 on May 10th.

As previously announced, familiar faces such as socialite Vera Sidika, actress Minne Kariuki, and the enigmatic Queen Mother Dr. Catherine are set to make a comeback.

However, the absence of beautypreneur Susan Kaittany, luxury connoisseur Sonal Meharali, and motorsports enthusiast Lisa Christoffersen opens the door for three new housewives to join the cast.

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Stepping into the spotlight alongside the seasoned cast are lawyer and professional bodybuilder Farah Esmail, beauty entrepreneur Zena(Xenah) Nyambu, and Reja Keji Ladu.

Here are some fun facts to know about the new cast members of The Real Housewives of Nairobi:

  1. Farah Esmail: At 50 years old, Farah is not only a professional bodybuilder and bikini athlete but also the proud owner of an F45 training studio in Lavington. Beyond her fitness endeavors, she’s known as an impact entrepreneur, business consultant, and corporate lawyer specializing in corporate governance. Farah has made waves in the bikini athlete scene, clinching the national championships three times consecutively. She’s also represented Kenya in various international fitness competitions, securing medals across the globe from the UK to India.
  2. Zena Nyambu: Aged 41 and a mother of two, Zena is a powerhouse in the beauty and aesthetics industry. She manages multiple ventures, including the luxury skincare parlour Glamsquad Kenya, the interior design firm Art Infinity, and serves as a partner at Zela Aesthetics, a medical aesthetics and wellness center.
  3. Reja Keji Ladu: Reja, 29, hails from Uganda but has spent significant portions of her life in both Uganda and South Sudan. Married to the Minister of Cabinet Affairs of South Sudan, she currently resides in Nairobi with her children. Reja wears many hats as the owner of the clothing brand Jenm, headquartered in Juba. Additionally, she manages a catering company and is on the brink of launching a spa in South Sudan and a poultry farm in Nanyuki.

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