KFCB Presses Charges Against Gospel Singer William Getumbe for ‘Yesu Ninyandue’ Track

March 13, 2024
William Getumbe at the Eldoret West market on December 23, 2022 on a sensitization mission about men wearing pampers

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) reports that they have arrested gospel singer William Getumbe for indecent content.

Acting KFCB Chief Executive Nelly Muluka stated on Tuesday that the arrest follows the expiration of a seven-day demand notice issued to him for violating the Films and Stage Play Act.

He was apprehended in Eldoret on Tuesday and is scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday.

The artiste had earlier on been ordered by the board to pull down his latest song yesu ninyandue from online platforms by February, 29 but failed to comply with the directives.

KFCB North Rift Regional Manager, Boniventure Kioko, confirmed that William Getumbe has faced criticism for the blasphemous song which has triggered strong reactions and outcry from the public, while also violating the laws that govern the film industry.

“We gave him a demand letter on 29th of February to comply within 7 days, he did not show any remorse to comply, and that is when we decided to take responsibility to bring him to book,” he said.

Charges Against Getumbe

KFCB’s Chief added that Getumbe will face three charges, including filming without a license, contravening Part II, Section 4 of Cap 222.

He will also be charged with distribution and exhibition of unclassified audio-visual content in breach of Part III, Section 12 of Cap 222.

“Distribution, public exhibition, and possession of ‘obscene’cinematograph films and public exhibition of indecent shows/performances tending to corrupt morals contrary to Section 181 (1)(a) and (e) of the penal code.”

The board urged members of the public to report any instances of indecent content distributed or exhibited on social media.

KFCB also reiterated its stance against the production and distribution of indecent content.

Getumbe on his part claimed the arrest was unfair, stating that he had already filed a petition in court through his lawyer, Mark Chirchir, in response to the demand order by the board. He claims that the arrest should not have been carried out until the case is heard and determined by the court.

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