Ruto’s Speechwriter Denies Paternity Claims in Sh100,000 Child Support Lawsuit

January 4, 2024

Eric Kipkoech Ng’eno, President William Ruto’s Messaging Secretary and Speechwriter, is reportedly facing a lawsuit from a woman alleging child neglect and seeking Sh100,000 in monthly maintenance.

In the case No. E1234 of 2023 filed at the Children’s Court in Milimani High Court, Nairobi, the woman, a freelance consultant represented by Odiya & Associates Advocates, asserts that she had a relationship with the defendant, the Nairobian reports.

The relationship reportedly led to the birth of a child (name withheld), currently aged six years and seven months.

“The Plaintiff asserts that the Defendant has abandoned and/or neglected his parental duties and responsibilities, demonstrating a lack of concern for the love and care essential for a child,” stated the woman in her complaint.

She further elaborates: “As a result of this continuous abandonment of duties and responsibilities by the Defendant, the plaintiff has had to independently bear all parental responsibilities. This includes, but is not limited to, addressing his educational requirements, medical care, shelter, food, clothing, transport, and overall welfare and well-being.”

Ruto’s Speechwriter’s Salary

The woman asserts that in addition to being the breadwinner, she has consistently and actively dedicated time to address the emotional and psychological growth and needs of the child. This, she says, she has done without any substantial input, whether qualitative or quantitative, from the defendant, despite his capacity to contribute.

According to the plaintiff, Ng’eno “is a man of great means holding one of the top government positions currently working at the State House with a monthly salary of over Ksh650,000(Kenya shillings six hundred and fifty thousand over and above allowances and perks.’

She also highlights her commitment to fulfilling the remaining needs of the child as part of her parental responsibility.

In response, Ng’eno reportedly denied paternity of the child and contends that the six orders sought by the woman are “mischievous, as some are not contained and are not supported by the Plaintiff, on the strength of which the subject Notice of Motion Application is premised.”

“I deny the contents of paragraph 2, 3, and 4 of the supporting affidavit in their entirety and wish to state that I deny paternity of the subject minor. The birth certificate annexed to the subject application does not disclose the identity of the father of the minor,” says Ng’eno.

“In denying the contents of paragraph 8 of the supporting affidavit, I wish to state that should a paternity test prove that I am the biological father of the subject minor, I shall comply with the court’s orders regarding my parental responsibilities,” he adds.

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