Why Dennis Ombachi Declines Fans’ Offers to Sponsor Meal Giveaways

January 4, 2024

Former rugby player turned food vlogger Dennis Ombachi has explained why he declines offers from fans who wish to sponsor one of his popular free meal giveaways.

Every now and then, the self-taught chef prepares meals and distributes them to specific members of the public, including street children and boda boda riders. This gesture has resonated well with his fanbase, leading to offers from some of them.

Ombachi received such an offer recently, prompting him to offer insight into his philosophy and the motivating force behind his charitable acts.

The fan commented on one of his videos, saying, “I would be honored to sponsor one of your meal giveaways! How?”

In his response, Ombachi alias The Roaming Chef acknowledged that he often receives similar offers, especially from supporters abroad.

However, he explained that, at the moment, he prefers to fund the meal giveaways personally, citing a lack of a formalized system for accountability.

Ombachi expressed a desire to maintain a personal connection to the process, reminiscent of the days when he moved from house to house to cater for parties and events. He pointed out the satisfaction he derives from fulfilling his inner child’s joy and bringing smiles to those who benefit from his home-cooked meals.

“I do get this a lot on a daily basis, especially from people abroad but as for now I don’t have the system in place, especially for the sake of accountability. So just running it out of pocket as it also feeds into my passion in that I miss cooking large quantities of food like the days I actually did it for a living moving from house to house cooking for people in parties and such,” Ombachi shared.

Nonetheless, Ombachi hinted at the possibility of a change in approach should he find a more structured system for accountability and monitoring contributions.

“Thank you for all the offers, y’all are amazing people. Let’s see how the year goes.”

Dennis Ombachi is also the founder of the Good Kenyan Foundation, which mentors underprivileged youth to transition into college, universities, and jobs.

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