Jaguar’s Reasons for Declining Assistance to Magix Enga and Mwana Mtule

January 16, 2024

Charles Njagua, also known as Jaguar, has explained the reasons for his decision not to assist Magix Enga or Mwana Mtule despite their public appeals.

The former musician-turned-politician clarified that the issue was not with assisting but rather with the willingness of the person being helped. He asserted that if they are not willing, there is nothing more one can do to help them.

“Tunawasaidia watu wengi lakini hatuposti, na nimeona kuna mtu unaweza kumsaidia na kuna mtu huwezi,” Jaguar said.

(We help many people, but we don’t publicize it, and I’ve observed that in this world, there are people you can assist, and there are those you can’t)

Jaguar’s remarks come days after netizens accused former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko of abandoning Conjestina Achieng in her rehabilitation journey, which he had initially offered to sponsor.

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The former Starehe MP mentioned that he also attempted to assist Congestina long before Mike Sonko did, but unfortunately, it wasn’t successful.

“Unachukua mtu kama mwenyewe hajaamua, unampeleka rehab na bado anarudi kufanya zile vitendo.”

(You take someone who hasn’t made up their mind, you bring them to rehab, and they still go back to engaging in those actions)

Jaguar faulted the practice of assisting individuals who are unwilling to accept help, expressing his unwillingness to go through that experience with someone not genuinely seeking assistance.

The politician further elaborated on his experience with his addicted father, stating that despite trying everything, his father ultimately declined help because it was being imposed on him.

“Ni akili ya mtu na nia inafanya mtu abadilike(It’s the person’s mindset and intention that make them change),” Jaguar noted.

Jaguar disclosed that media personality Mzazi Tuva approached him to assist Magix Enga but he declined. He explained that he would only offer assistance if the artist demonstrated genuine interest in receiving help.

“Juzi Tuva ameniita twende tukamsaidie Magix, lakini mimi hutaniona hapo siwezi….kwa hivyo mimi nilisema siwezi mpaka ile siku nitaona Magix mwenyewe anataka kubadilika,” he said.

(Recently, Tuva called me, asking us to help Magix, but I won’t be there; I can’t… so I said I can’t until the day I see Magix himself wanting to change)

Jaguar further extended his gratitude to those who assisted Alpha Mteule.

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