Mama Dangote Discloses Plan for Diamond to Take Custody of his Children

January 16, 2024

Diamond Platnumz’s mother, Sanura Kassim, also known as Mama Dangote, has hinted at the possibility for the singer to assume custody of his children.

Mama Dangote indicated that Diamond might take custody of his children with Zari Hassan, Hamisa Mobetto, and Tanasha Donna when the children reach the age of seven.

“Mtoto mpaka miaka saba ndio unamchukua, wakiwa likizo wanakuja, tukiwataka hata kesho wanakuja lakini wakifikisha miaka saba wanarudi apa Tanzania ndio kwao kwa baba yao,” she said in an interview with Wasafi TV.

(You take the child when they are seven years old. During their holidays, they can come; if we want them even tomorrow, they will come. However, once they turn seven, they go back to Tanzania to be with their father)

Diamond’s eldest child is Tiffah, who is already eight years old.

Underlining the significance of parental agreement, Mama Dangote stressed, “Inabidi baba na mama watasikilizana kama waje kukaa hapa watakaa, maana wanaweza pia taka wasomee ulaya ama marekani”

(The father and mother must come to an understanding; if they want the children to stay here, they will stay because they might also want them to study in Europe or the United States)

Mama Dangote also clarified the recent relocation of Diamond’s youngest son, Naseeb Jr, to Kenya. She explained that Tanasha Donna’s stay in Tanzania was temporary and for work-related reasons. Once her work obligations concluded, Naseeb Jr returned to Kenya.

Addressing concerns about Naseeb Jr’s schooling, Mama Dangote assured that the child’s education was not compromised. She explained that the international school he attended in Tanzania has branches in Kenya.

Consequently, Naseeb Jr can seamlessly transition to the Kenyan branch, ensuring continuity in his education.

Mama Dangote at the same time spoke about why Diamond is yet to marry, saying that God had not given him the green light to settle down. She claimed that marriages only happen by God’s will.

“Everything is planned by God. He (Diamond) can push himself, and I can push him, but everything comes from what God commands. God may command you to marry someone, or God may command you to marry this other. He can stay with even a hundred women but God has not ordered him to marry them,” Mama Dangote said.

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