Mike Mondo has addressed the unending comparisons to Maina Kageni, acknowledging that although many listeners perceive him as a replica of the Classic FM Radio icon, he will never be him.

When questioned about his feelings regarding the constant comparison, the radio presenter  responded:

“It’s okay. I consider it a compliment because he is a great radio host, but I will never be Maina.”

This comes amid speculation that Mike Mondo is preparing to replace Maina Kageni when he retires.

Mondo discussed why he is becoming more prominent on the Morning Show on Classic 105, saying: “We are trying to see how that breakfast show will be. We are trying to see how to diversify.”

In a past interview, Mike Mondo admitted it was annoying to be compared with Maina Kageni.

“People say I sound like Maina Kageni but I think we just talk in a similar way. Guys say that a lot, that I am the next big thing or whatever way they put it but I don’t necessarily see myself that way. I see myself as a person who wants to create his own niche,” he said.

“I mean Maina is a legend but you know there also has to be Mike Mondo’s path, that is what I want. It’s annoying to be compared… I do my radio shows the best way I can but every time I do it people are like ‘Oh my God you are like the next Maina!’ and I want to be the first Mike Mondo. There can only be one Maina Kageni.’’

Kageni Retirement Plans

Maina Kageni has been teasing his retirement since 2021 when he first announced he was planning to hang up the microphone during his morning breakfast show.

“Come next year I am done. I will be retiring from this radio job. I plan on running a club in Miami,” the 49-year-old told his equally famous cohost Mwalimu King’ang’i(Churchill) three years ago.

He added: “I will be living in my condo. I bought it kitambo.”

Kageni shared similar sentiments last year, adding that he was willing to mentor his successor.

“I will be retiring this year. I thought we talked about this. If you want mentorship, come I’m always here,” he said.