Tax Authorities Issue Ultimatum to Nyako to Disclose TikTok Earnings

November 16, 2023

Popular Kenyan TikToker based in Germany, Nyako, has disclosed that authorities have given her a deadline to reveal her earnings from the video-sharing platform.

In a live session on TikTok, Nyako revealed that she had received a demand letter instructing her to report and pay taxes on the income derived from TikTok gifts.

Furthermore, she mentioned that German authorities have asked for a daily breakdown of her earnings from the platform.

“I have been given until 30 November to declare gifts to the Government. How much gift do I get? I have been given an ultimatum of 30 November 2023, to declare TikTok gifts,” Nyako said as she displayed official letters from the German government.

“Another letter requires that I disclose how much I earn on TikTok every day. From Monday to Sunday,” she added.

Nyako displayed tables that mandated her to provide detailed information about her daily earnings.

“This is a letter from the Government. Yes, I will send it back,” Nyako said.

On TikTok, gifts denote virtual items that users can buy and send to their preferred creators during live streams as a means to express support and appreciation.

These gifts are typically represented by diverse animations or icons and hold varying values in terms of “coins” or other in-app currencies. Creators then convert these virtual gifts into real money, presenting one of the ways they can generate income on the platform.

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