Pastor Ezekiel Odero says that factors such as expensive rings contribute to the diminishing longevity of marriages in modern times.

In a recent sermon at his church, Pastor Ezekiel took the opportunity to express his perspectives on marriage and extravagant weddings, particularly addressing the expenses related to rings.

During the sermon, he inquired about the price of a female congregant’s ring and compared it with the ring he purchased for his wedding to his wife, Sarah.

Ezekiel mentioned that he acquired a ring for a mere 15 Kenyan shillings, and despite its modest cost, his marriage has endured to this day. He juxtaposed this with the congregant’s situation, noting that she had purchased a ring for over 18 thousand shillings, yet her marriage had encountered difficulties.

“I bought my wedding ring for 15 shillings…And my marriage has lasted until today,” he said.

The founding pastor for the New Life Prayer Center church in Mavueni, Kilifi county noted that the longevity of his marriage was not solely attributable to the modest cost of the ring. Instead, he attributed the endurance of his union to a spiritual ring bestowed upon him through divine intervention.

“A  spiritual ring was placed on me that has kept my marriage alive until today. And that spiritual ring is expensive; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” Ezekiel said.

The preacher advised individuals contemplating marriage to dedicate themselves to God before entering into matrimony. He claimed that his church possesses the unique anointing for facilitating such spiritual commitment.

“Kuna watu wanafurahi kwamba wanafanya harusi na pete ghali, nyinyi cheka. Lakini ukiolewa njoo New Life, la sivyo vile umeolewa na raha unaweza kuachwa hivyo hivyo, sababu harusi ni tukio, keki ni ya waliokuja harusi, chakula ni cha wambeya lakini ukifika kwa nyumba yako hivi, ndio ndoa inaanza,” he said.

Loosely translated: (There are people who rejoice in having an expensive wedding and ring, you just laugh. But when you get married, come to New Life, otherwise, you might find yourself married and abandoned just like that because a wedding is an event, the cake is for those who attend the wedding, the food is for the gossipers. But when you enter your home like this, that’s when the marriage begins.)